⚠ Your safety is important to us. We are safely servicing clients following all CDC and Hawaii’s DOH Guidelines.

The Store Fixture Source ™
Honolulu. Established 1977

About Us

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We are your one-stop source in Hawaii for retail display and needs.

Founded in 1977, we have 43 years of experience and the most extensive inventory at your disposal. We specialize in in-store display/equipment for retail and wholesale business.

We are a:

  • Store fixture suppliers Hawaii
  • Full service store fixture displays and design services.
  • Wholesale Store supplier

The online store provides our references and services with shipping and handling for all items purchased. We received and checked all orders once every 10 hours.


As a Hawaii retail specialist, we have convenient services for custom order showcases, counters, wall cases, tempered glass display, bookshelves, slat walls units, and other cabinetry work. Even though we are a full store custom cabinetry, these items are not purchasable online, although purchases are available over the phone or in stores only.

Our company has experience tackling any job. Serving the whole state and islands of Hawaii. If you want your orders served in different locations, please contact us first to process the order correctly.

We specialize in:

  • Retail store supplies.
  • Boutique display fixtures.
  • Fixtures counters and showcases.
  • Store design

We likewise do on-site project quotations for setting up your store in the most convenient solution. We too, provide installation services.

If you need industrial fabrication and concepts, or want us to install the fixtures for you, please call us for a conversation or visit our office.


We are Hawaii’s leading supplier and distributor of wide range of fixtures, and packaging supplies. We provide inter-island and Pacific islands retail stores with dependable and durable fixtures, at great competitive prices. Located in Oahu, we have the most extensive selection of display and fixture store supplies for your business and merchandising needs. We stock thousands of supply of fixtures/shelves, fixtures. You can order online, in-store and by phone. We also ship expedited delivery.

Our thousands of fixtures include:

  • Displays cases, Showcases and counters.
  • Store fixtures counters and showcases, led lighting for your showcases.
  • Gridwall and accessories.
  • Slatwall and accessories.
  • High quality gondola.
  • Hangers, mannequins and clothing forms.
  • Apparel racks, wall standards, jewelry boxes.
  • Garment steamers, retail shelving, glass shelving, pricing and tagging.
  • Equipment, jewelry, counter and acrylic displays.
  • Saleman’s equipment, sign holders, tables.
  • Accessory displays and more.


You can find us at , Honolulu, Hawaii, HI. Very accessible place near hallmark places in the city. You can ask Google for directions or check the map before visiting.

Visit us today! Our expert specialists can support and assist you with solutions that will work best for your store. We are proud to give our clients the lowest prices in Hawaii, with our catalog speedy delivery items in-stock and ready for immediate local in-store pick-up.

You can see past projects to customers from store projects in the gallery section.

If you don’t have trucks in Oahu for pickup, we can ship your order.

For your convenience, we have at our location customer parking space for you. You may park in any of our customer parking spots. To visit and enter into our Showroom Storefront, please use the Door entrance near the loading dock of the warehouse.

You can check and search our catalog at pacificstoreplanning.com[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]