Pacific Panning has been serving the Hawaii small business community since 1977. Our company has been providing the very best in:

  • Boutique store fixtures
  • Store tables
  • Wholesale
  • Display shelves wholesale
  • Retail supplies
  • Retail wholesale
  • Wholesale boutique displays
  • Department display tables

Thanks to our extensive experience, you can prepare all the help you need for your project’s fixture needs.

Here are some of the categories you can find in at Pacific Planning:

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We provide top American quality and value. And our friendly service can help and provide you the dear customer all the information you need for your delivery and shipping. If you have questions, you can ask our helpful staff through our chat or phone. Or you can go to downtown on our catalog and be helped in person. Customers say they discover more possibilities when chatting with us first.


You can have same day service if you stop by our facilities, or choose to have it sent to your address. We are on the island of Oahu, in Honolulu downtown. But you can have it delivered to our local islands:

  • Kauai
  • Maui
  • Big Island
  • Lanai
  • Molokai

We also ship to Guam, just call us before you place an order and we’ll let you know of our order costs.

You can even check the price of our different items while we are away, or for future reference here in this website.


Do you offer fixture installation?

Yes, upon demand we have Design & Consultation services and after that stage, we can do a complete installation of your project. We can transform any room and turn it into a fully furnished masterpiece. We put together all the elements you’ve chosen for your project and we schedule it for install at the job site.


How can I place an order?

You can place orders online if you don’t want to get involved with calls. However you choose to get your hardware, we will process it asap.


Can you deliver to different addresses?

Yes, we can. We can deliver any box or goods to any of the places mentioned above. Please make sure you are especially specific to our team.


How long have you been in operation?

We have been in operation since 1977. That’s more than 40 years in operation. There’s been many changes in society and the industry, but we know how to please our customers and we thank you for the ongoing support of many companies throughout this period.


What is your mission?

It’s helping you design and layout your store plan, identify the items that would best display your garments, and we’ll order and deliver them to your door and assist in advising you on the best ways to display. We have a warehouse ready to deliver quickly your product and purchase.


When it comes to items, the “brand” of your mart is as important as the product you’re selling, and installing it you choose is an important part of developing your brand image. When customers enter your mart, they play a role in them even looking at their color scheme, decoration, and add-ons, all in the development of their brand image, as well as the cleaning of the store and the help of employees. However, the visual image is what makes this first impression vital.


Your furniture determines how your items will be displayed and viewed by your customers. You want to complement your product by choosing lamps with the right finish and the right style, although you want the product to be noticed by the customer, not by the accessory itself. An acrylic accessory is usually used to allow the product to be noticed, while the accessory itself is almost invisible. Tubular clothing racks achieve almost the same result because the shelf itself is quite small suits stand out.


Tubular racks are an excellent choice for creating your brand, especially when they are layered and the first hanger on each arm shows complete and complete add-ons. This shows customers what their brand is and helps them find coordinated parts that look great. Higher ticket offers and a better percentage of satisfaction because it encourages customers to buy a complete look. In addition, there are several tubular racks that will help you define your brand leads even before they enter your showroom.


Of course, your brand message should not end at the front door. Additional attachments such as counter racks and slatted walls with acrylic shelves located behind the counter can help keep the brand image that started on the front door. sold on the counter, so this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Using the right accessory throughout the construction process is the best way to create your brand image and display your clothes for maximum profit.

We also supply your commerce with forms, gift tools, bags, baskets and we are always ready for your shopping needs.

You can search our catalog for everything related to your store. We run the best prices, and you don’t have to order another company thousand of miles away. Mouth to mouth reviews from other people that have tried us in the past will convince you. Contact us today! We are close to Honolulu downtown.


When you order from our web, you can create your own account immediately through our cart. No need for plastic cards for membership or paper ids. If you are like other merchandisers, you like things swift and easy. We’ll send your framed furniture and hardware fast. No wasting days needed. From the discovery of your new items to a super emporium in no time. You’ll be happy to use us every occasion. See excellent results much faster and your inquiries answered.


We update our competitive pricing marking frequently to pass on savings to you. And you can join our program with custom discounts for frequent buyers.

You can compare our products in our brochure website online, and use our chat if you have inquiries as if it were a salesman. We feature listings frequently, so beat the moment and check our deluxe inventory.