Pacific Store Planning: Your Ultimate Store Fixture Store

Pacific Store Planning: Store Fixture Store

When it comes to creating an unforgettable retail experience, every detail counts. From the glint of a glass display to the strategic positioning of a store table, presentation is paramount. Enter Pacific Store Planning Hawaii, a beacon for retailers across the Hawaiian Islands since 1977.

If you’re seeking the essence of retail craftsmanship, you’ve stumbled upon the goldmine. As a full-service store fixture supplier, we’ve diligently served the Hawaiian business community for decades. Through storms and sunshine, our dedication to delivering quality and excellence has remained unwavering. But what truly sets us apart?


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Our Offerings Shine Bright

Acrylics Galore: Whether you’re in need of a countertop display or a slatwall mount accessory, our acrylic collections have got you covered. Safety is prime, and our security mirrors ensure just that.

Elevate with Forms: Showcase your clothing items with our exquisite torsos or jersey forms. Each piece is crafted to enhance your merchandise’s appeal.

Durable Hangers: From sleek plastic hangers to elegant wood hangers, we offer a variety of hangers tailored for every garment. Don’t forget the essential hanger accessories to optimize your store’s organization.

Hardware that Lasts: Be it a wall mount or a specialized peg board mount, our hardware solutions are both sturdy and stylish.

Showcases to Impress: From economy floor cases to metal framed deluxe, our showcases are designed to protect and highlight your products.

Racks and Shelves: Need to display a new line of clothing? Our garment racks and glass shelves will elevate your display game. For those with limited space, our folding racks are a boon.


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Why Choose Pacific Store Planning?

“Our mission is to assist retailers in sculpting their brand image through meticulous store planning and fixture choices.”

Our range doesn’t merely end at products. Our specialized expertise, cultivated over four decades, enables us to assist retailers in optimizing their store layouts. After all, effective merchandise display can significantly shape customer perceptions and drive sales.

Are you launching a new store? Or perhaps refurbishing an existing one? Dive into our product line and discover an array of fixtures tailored for every retail need. From slatwall accessories to innovative wood displays, our offerings are vast and varied.

For those on a budget, our “Super Saver” category offers quality items at competitive prices. And while the global supply chain may pose challenges, our commitment to transparency ensures you’re never in the dark.

In the bustling world of retail, let Pacific Store Planning be your guiding light. Visit us, learn more, and let’s sculpt a retail environment that not only sells but tells a story.

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